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Life is too short for
bad presentations

What others are saying...

"How can you convince the world of your message? The Floor is Yours offers you the DOs and DON’Ts of sharing your story. A must-read."

Koenraad Debackere

Professor Economy and Business Administration KU Leuven

"Easy to read, and funny too. Essential reading for anyone who wants to learn to present a complex message in a clear and convincing manner."

Jan-Willem Toering

Director Royal Netherlands Chemical Society (KNCV)

"For beginning to seasoned presenters: this book offers something for everyone. With the tips and tricks from The Floor is Yours up your sleeve, get ready to step out of your comfort zone and have your audience hanging on to your every word."

Sooike Stoops

Expert Press and Public Communication VIB

"Hans Van de Water and Toon Verlinden are on a mission: to help us communicate better. Doing so with their user manual containing the big and little secrets of powerful communication. Excellent work!"

Tim De Kegel

Director of Communication Janssen Pharmaceuticals

"Every scientist should be using this book as a reference for his or her next presentation. I have certainly picked up many new tips."

Stephane Berghmans

Managing Director Technopolis

Nancy Vercammen

Managing director ie-net engineers association

"Some of our engineers blast their audience with facts and figures. How can we stop this? The useful tips and tricks from The Floor is Yours can be applied immediately and are a guide for engineers in creating engaging presentations."

“Transparency is a growing core component of the European research programs of the future. The general public wants to be informed. The Floor is Yours is an excellent guide for scientists who want to communicate with the public, as they should.”

Philip Van Avermaet

Working as head of Department of Economy, Research and Innovation (EWI)

What will you find inside this book?

How to present a
complex story
in simple terms

How to captivate
your audience?

How to create
engaging slides?

And two more reasons for you
to purchase this book

Our Always an Answer-guarantee

We want to rid the world of bad presentations. That is why we offer you our Always an Answer-guarantee. Do you have a question to which you cannot find the answer in this book? Let us personally answer it for you. Turn to page 217 of the book for more details.


What about the book proceeds?

All book proceeds will be donated to ToekomstAtelier de l’avenir (TADA). Through their weekly practical workshops on Saturdays, TADA encourages vulnerable children and youth from disadvantaged neighborhoods around Brussels to discover the world and themselves, and to identify and develop their personal interests and talents. We can only applaud and support this! Find out more at:


About the authors

Toon Verlinden & Hans Van de Water

Authors Hans Van de Water and Toon Verlinden established The Floor is Yours in 2012. Because ‘Life is too Short for Bad Presentations’, right? Since then they have trained many thousands of researchers to create and share effective presentations. Check out their workshops, their blog stocked with helpful tips, and now also this book!.

Take the pain out of presentations today.

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Price book: €25,99
Price ebook: €19,99
Also available in Dutch